PawWhy is dog walking important?


The walks are designed to allow the dogs to use the senses they were designed for. For that reason we choose areas that have a lot of variety and continue to research new areas. We vary the walks as much as possible to give the maximum stimulation, rather than plodding along the same route each time. By providing the variation, it will reduce boredom which can lead to several behaviour issues such as hyperactivity & chewing.


PawWill my dog be off lead?


Only if you have given us permission to do so. Dogs will only be allowed off lead once we have established a relationship with them and when we feel confident that they will return when called.


PawWhy choose Holybrooks?


  • Comprehensive understanding of each dog
  • We are first aid trained for canines
  • Fully insured
  • Each member of staff is police checked
  • Small groups
  • Safe transportation

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