Our Walks

Over several years we have taken a keen interest in finding new and exciting dog walks to keep the walks fun and refreshing for both us and the dogs. This now means we have a high number of varied walks suitable for dogs with all different interests, abilities and temperaments.

PawPicturesque & Peaceful

Suitable for older dogs or dogs who need a gentle walk. This offers flat areas in the countryside with well defined paths and some wooded spaces to keep dogs cool in the summer. There is also a small shallow stream for dogs that like to paddle.

PawFast & Friendly

This is a great walk for dogs who enjoy socialising and has perfect open spaces for dogs who like their toy play.

PawSocial & Scenic

A nice adventure ground of open fields, woodland and is a popular dog walking area for those who like to greet other doggy friends.

PawQuaint & Quiet

This walk is ideal for those who don’t want to to be quite so social. It has a beautiful pine woodland, small lake and lots of interesting tracks to vary the direction each time.