Autumn Winter 2016 issue of Holybrooks newsletter. New vans, Instagram and more.
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Autumn / Winter 2016

Welcome to our Autumn / Winter newsletter. Dare we mention the 'C' word yet...? Christmas is creeping up on us, so we've included our opening hours over the Christmas period. At this festive time, food is laid out beautifully presented and nibbles tucked away on the coffee tables, but there are lots of foods which can be toxic to dogs. In particular, please keep raisins, chocolate, cooked bones and alcohol well out of reach so that all dogs can remain happy and healthy. As for the humans, enjoy them, be merry and have a wonderful break!

New Vans

We're excited to share with you that we've just placed an order for three new vans. Winnie and Wallace have come to the end of their time with us so they're being replaced by Mercedes Citans in the New Year. When the 3rd van joins us we will have more availability for lunchtime walks. Safety is still number 1 priority and the dogs will all have their own individual area on a specially coated, anti-slip flooring with air-conditioning too. Now just to think of some new names for the vans...

Puppy Training

Do you know someone who is getting a puppy? If they would like a session at home prior to pups arrival to find out what they can expect and how to prepare for the first few weeks with their new family member, please ask them to get in contact. Our Private Tuition sessions can be valuable before the puppy comes home, as well as after.

Key Safes

Key Safes are typically used by carers or families visiting a relative who finds it difficult to answer the door. We now have a lot of clients who use these for us so that they don't have to get extra keys cut. The plus side is, if you lock yourself out, there's always a key handy to let yourself back in! If you are thinking about getting one and would like us to use it, let us know the code and we can return the key we hold.


Holybrooks has joined Instagram! If you'd like to see a few more pictures of the dogs out and about, or experience some of the sights they get to see on our walks, follow holybrooksuk.


This year we will be closed on 25/12, 26/12 & 1/1. We will be offering walks in between and on 2/1 on a pre-booked basis only; as with the weekend walks. Usual Bank Holiday charges may also apply. Please could you confirm by Friday 9th December if you would like any walks over the holiday period.

Did you know...

The average running speed for a dog is 19mph. Greyhounds can reach up to 45mph, whilst Bassets and Bulldogs are around 5-10mph because of their short legs and heavy build. In comparison, Usain Bolt's was recorded at 27.7 mph!
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