Holybrooks is a dog specialist company established in 2009. We offer high quality dog walking as well as outdoor courses and private tuition.

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Dog Walking

A good walk will provide your dog with the positive physical and mental stimulation they need to be content pets. We set ourselves apart by giving them the walk within small groups so that they are able to enjoy a good run without being stressed by a large, boisterous group environment.


Holybrooks offers outdoor training classes aimed at improving your dog’s attention on you whilst on a walk. We work on recalls, distractions, loose lead walking and general manners.

Also available for those needing a little more individual time is Private Tuition. This is great for dogs of any age and a variety of issues can be covered.

Natures Menu

We only sell products we believe in. Natures Menu tasty treats are a fantastic high value reward for training your dog and the food pouches are incredibly tasty too. All products have been quality tested by Warrick.