5 tips for dogs that hate the rain

Sad Dog

Does your dog hate going out in the rain? Perhaps they really can’t stand the cold? That’s not to say that all dogs hate it. Some dogs love blasting around in the rain, particularly those naughty Spaniels!


There are lots of different ways you can help your dogs manage out on a walk. Try taking them out in nice sheltered areas so that they are not exposed to blustery winds or heavy rain. The woods are a great place for keeping some of that heavy rain at bay. In the Winter when it’s icy and cold try to avoid watery areas so that there is less risk of them being able to fall in to deep water and getting themselves stuck, it should also mean it is less slippery for you.


For those high energy types, such as terriers, we need to give them things to keep them occupied so that they don’t get bored and get themselves in to trouble at home.


So what can you do to keep your dog occupied when they hate going out in the bad weather? Here are some top tips on how to keep your dogs stimulated and things you can do to help them burn off energy.


1. Understand what your dog doesn’t like

Do they hate getting wet? This could be easily managed with a waterproof coat. Perhaps they don’t have a lot of fur and really feel the cold? Then try a warm jumper. If your the crafty type, you could try knitting them their very own, individual jumper while cuddling up with them on the sofa. It may be that your dog has sensitive feet and there are lots of different doggy boots on the market to choose from.


By making your dog more comfortable outside, hopefully they will enjoy their walk a little more.


2. Play indoors!

There are lots of really fun games you can play in the house. If you have a long hallway with nothing too precious on display, how about a game of fetch down the corridor? You could try tennis balls, or how about a really bouncy rubber ball? If your dog has young, growing joints or old & delicate bones, roll the ball along the floor to avoid your dog jumping and causing impact.


Tug is great too, try different textures for your dog to hold and see what they prefer. Rope toys, old towels, blankets & knotted fleeces. If your dog loves all of them, play with a different one each day to keep the game new and exciting.


Boomer balls can offer a real challenge to your dog. They are hard cast, plastic balls – make sure you get a size bigger than the width of your dog’s mouth. Your dog will have a really good game of ‘nose football’, but keep your ankles out of the way!


If you don’t mind getting up and moving around too, how about a good old fashioned game of hide and seek?


3. Food games

Most dogs were bred with a purpose and a lot of family dogs don’t have opportunity to be ‘worked’ any more. We can now make them work for their food; rather than being a mindless task of eating from their bowl, we can get them to do tricks or obedience exercises and be rewarded with some of their dinner.


If you don’t mind food being around the house, you can leave biscuits hidden that your dog can have a great time finding. Fantastic for dogs with super noses!


Alternatively you can buy great food puzzles or Kongs to hide food in and let you dog have a challenge on their hands to work out how to get their food out.


4. Train, train, train!

We all know that physical exercise can tire your dog, but wearing out their brains can also leave them ready for a good cuddle. It doesn’t have to all be about silly tricks, although they are fun for you and your dog, obedience is equally important. Try teaching them to sit and wait by the door way, staying patiently for their food bowl or to settle in their bed.


If you want to try the fun stuff, how about hi-5, bow, wave or roll-over? The list is endless, just use your imagination but remember to stay patient, reward your dog well and have fun!


5. Choose a dog walker

Sometimes having the excitement of a doggy friend to play with can distract your dog from the weather they dislike so much. They can have a good run around, get in to mischief and best of all, someone else will wipe their paws at the end for you. A bit like us; a walk can be so much more fun when we have someone else to keep us company and to chat to.

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