About Holybrooks

Holybrooks was founded in 2009 by Helen Tuthill after many years of being involved in the animal industry. The company has been based on principles of offering exceptional quality animal care along with being reliable and trustworthy to each of our clients.

A view of the Holybrook

A view of the Holy Brook

The company name comes from a local stream which Helen grew up near & still regularly walks by.

The company started by providing dog walking as its primary service and has expanded to also offer dog training courses in an outdoor environment, along with the supply of other ancillary items.

Holybrooks has grown as clients have found value and quality in what we offer and we are now steadily building a strong, dependable and trustworthy team. Over the next few years we are looking to increase our set of dog centric services and have a larger presence across Reading and the surrounding areas.