Our Team

Helen Tuthill

Holybrooks Ltd is run by Helen. Never one to sit still or shy away from a challenge, in 2009 she decided to complete all 174 of the highest peaks in England and loves nothing better than a good stroll around the countryside. She is always keeping her eyes peeled for the best dog walking spots and everywhere she goes, so does Warrick!

Helen knew that spending her day devoted to dogs was the way she wanted to move her career forward and after volunteering & training, became a class tutor & 1-2-1 trainer.  Helen has completed the ‘Puppy School’ tutor’s course, taught by Gwen Bailey and is also a fully qualified microchipper. In 2013 Helen also became an accredited member of the APDT, demonstrating knowledge and skill in dog training.

Helen has been involved with various rescues over the last few years and has a keen interest in promoting responsible dog ownership.


Vicky Trigger

Vicky has spent many years as a professional horse riding instructor and groom with 6 years experience as a head girl on a large equestrian yard. She has been an animal lover from childhood and has had many animals including horses, dogs, cats and rabbits.

In her spare time Vicky can be found riding with horses and motorbikes!

Vicky has had previous experience in walking other peoples dogs as well as her own, giving animals the love and attention they deserve. Vicky has worked with a variety of breeds from small Jack Russells to the larger Newfoundlands and Malamutes.

You will always find Vicky with a big smile, ready to get mucky with the pups!


  • Dee Groves

    Dee lives with her family and her 9 year old Sprollie (Springer x Collie) Sammy who she re-homed from the Dog’s Trust when he was a puppy. She enjoys long walks and exploring new ones with him.

    In the past Dee has volunteered as a puppy socialiser for the hearing dogs which she really enjoyed which gave her the incentive to work with dogs. For the last five years Dee has worked as a carer so has an instinctively sensitive and compassionate nature.


    Lynn Gibson

    Lynn has had a variety of pets from rabbits to guinea pigs and her own rescue dog who was a Labrador x Collie.

    Over the last few years, Lynn has been offering her spare time to local dog rescues to walk the dogs, giving them time out from the kennels as well as caring for her neighbour’s 3 Labradors. Lynn has a wealth of breed experience from Bernese Mountain Dogs to Yorkshire Terriers.

    In her spare time, Lynn enjoys walking and holidaying across the UK in her caravan. She’s looking forward to exploring Exmoor and the Lake District soon.


    Cathy Szklar

    Cathy has had a variety of dogs growing up from Yorkshire Terriers to Border Collies. She has also helped look after Jack Russells for friends too. Cathy is also a crazy cat lady and has 6 cats all from rescues! She has a love for short-haired cats, whether they’re moggies or pedigrees and helps the ones that most need it.

    In Cathy’s spare time, she likes baking cakes, gardening and going to the seaside and cinema with her daughter. She also likes to fundraise with collections for the charity shops and likes to help Cats Protection, Sue Ryder & St John’s Ambulance.


    Warrick Tuthillwarrick

    2010 saw Warrick having to have both of his knees operated on by Noel Fitzpatrick ‘The Bionic Vet’ the amazing vet on TV and so Warrick was aptly nick-named Bionic Warrick. He is now fully recovered and back to causing mischief! In 2012 Warrick passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award.

    Warrick comes out on most of the first dog walks so that we can see how each of the dogs interact with one another and gives us a good indication of what dog personalities they would best match up with.


    • Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award
    • Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver award
    • Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award
    • Pets in Practise Improvers course