Each of our vehicles have been custom designed for maximum safety and comfort.

The vans are divided in to 3 compartments; I extra large section the the middle with access from sliding doors on both sides to accommodate up to 2 large dogs from the same household and 2 large sections at the rear.

All areas have been built with privacy barriers to avoid the dogs watching each other in a confined space with their own individual access doors. This allows us to pick up each dog and easily get them in an out of the van without any concern that other dogs within the vehicle can jump in or out.

In the middle we have installed emergency access doors. In the event of any accident, we can get to any area of the vehicle and safely get all of the dogs out.

The flooring and sides have been sprayed with a special surface that is easy to clean and gives the dogs plenty of grip to avoid them slipping in the back of the van.

Each van carries a fully stocked first aid kit and is air conditioned too.