Private Tuition


“Affordable solutions for specific problems”


puppy If you have got a puppy and would like to get started on training before they have completed their vaccinations, then private tuition is just what you need.

This valuable service will help you get started with the areas that are key during their vital learning and socialisation period. We will get you off on the right foot, with simple, kind and effective training methods, giving you clear, step by step instructions to follow.

Adolescent Dogs

Are you struggling through the ‘teenage years’, has your youngster suddenly forgotten all of that great training you started or perhaps they’ve got particularly confident and you’re struggling to keep their attention at the park?

Classes can sometimes be a difficult environment for your dogs to learn at this age as they are easily distracted. Private tuition will focus on what is happening and how to address those problems. Normally we will start at home and work on getting their focus back on you, then put that training in to practise in the park.

Adult Dogs

Adult TrainingHave you recently re-homed a rescue dog and want to learn some basics? Maybe there are a few habits your older dog has started to develop and you want to get back to having a well behaved hound?

The main training areas people like to focus on are good manners; walking nicely on the lead, not jumping up at visitors, or coming back when called. A one hour private tuition session will help you on your way to having a polite pooch.

Private tuition is per one hour session, block-book and pay in advance for three or more sessions when contacting us and each session is discounted.